Colours of the Alphabet – Collection (Hardcover)


Colours of the Alphabet 

Collection of both Volume 1 and 2

Learn all about the Alphabet in our fun collection of books about colours.

Teach your children the Alphabet in a fun, informative way, with our new Book Colours of the Alphabet.
Volume 1 
Each letter of the Alphabet is paired up with a Colour, from common colours like red, Black and Yellow, to more interesting colours like Indigo, Mint and Zomp.
Your children will love seeing what colour there letter is.
Volume 2 
Starting with a great rhyming poem, followed up by a new colour for Each letter of the Alphabet.
Your children will love seeing the new colour that there letter is.

8.5″ x 8.5″
34 pages.

Printed in Melbourne, Australia


With a background in early childhood coupled with the hands-on experience of raising four children, Colours of the Alphabet are written to not only delight your children but let them learn amazing concepts along the way.