Introducing our newest Author

Madison Duncan

Madi is an 11-year-old with a passion for reading, drawing, cats, dinosaurs, and dragons. She is the imaginative author behind the Encyclopedia of Cats.

Mia, her ragdoll cat and Teddy, her Cavoodle are her beloved pets, they provide inspiration and companionship.

Madi’s love for books, fascination with prehistoric creatures, and enchantment with mythical dragons fuel her creative spirit.

Sarah McPherson

With a background in early childhood coupled with the hands-on experience of raising four children, Sarah McPherson’s children’s books are written to not only delight your children but let them learn amazing concepts along the way.

Her debut Children’s book, Annabelle Rose was beautifully illustrated to showcase a girl who wears glasses.

Did you know that 1 in 6 Children wear glasses in Australia, however, the stats should be much higher with as many as 1 in 4 children having an undiagnosed eye condition[1]

Annabelle Rose’s illustrations were born out of the personal experience when her daughter at three years old was told she needed glasses, She struggled to find books, that showcased the lead character wearing glasses.

Annabelle Rose has delighted her family for many years and now it is your turn to enjoy the journey.

Her other range of Books.

Colours of the Alphabet.

Learn all about the Alphabet in our fun collection of books about colours.

Teach your children the Alphabet in a fun, informative way, with our new Book Colours of the Alphabet.

Volume 1 

Each letter of the Alphabet is paired up with a Colour, from common colours like red, Black and Yellow, to more interesting colours like Indigo, Mint and Zomp. Your children will love seeing what colour there letter is.

Volume 2 

Starting with a great rhyming poem, followed up by a new colour for Each letter of the Alphabet. Your children will love seeing the new colour that there letter is.

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